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Scottish Government International Development New Programming for 2023+

Following the review of its approach to international development in 2020/21, announced by then Minister in March 2021, the Scottish Government International Development Team has been working through a dual approach:

  • transition period work: supporting existing Grantholders towards the natural close of the existing projects and programmes, including ongoing pivoting work that reflects the impact of COVID; and
  • new programme design: the work to design and tender out the new programmes that are to take effect from 2023, which will be in line with the outcomes of the 2021 review

During mid-summer 2022, the SG International Development team ran a series of focus groups to co-design with smaller NGOs in Scotland and CSOs in Malawi/Zambia / Rwanda the new Global Citizenship Fund for smaller NGOs. This is one of the new funding streams which will be established for 2023+, in response to the specific asks of civil society.

Over late summer/autumn 2022, the SG International Development team then ran another series of online events, this time targeted to a wider group of stakeholders in Scotland and in Malawi, Zambia and Rwanda. The focus of these events was to share publicly the overall shaping of the new Programme that will take effect from 2023+, to explain the SG’s ethos/approach to all its future funding, and to highlight “next steps”, including what tenders to expect to see coming out publicly in 2023.

These online events were led by the SG International Development Team, with a presentation to provide an update on overall future shape of our Programme for 2023+, and next steps, including in terms of funding opportunities, and there was space within the events for participants to ask questions.

There was a keenness from many of our members to have a copy of those slides to hand, and so, with thanks to SG, we are now sharing a copy of the September events slides.​​​​

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