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Measuring Scotland’s Global Impact in the National Performance Framework

The National Performance Framework (NPF) is a framework for Scotland to enable decision-making to support national wellbeing. The Framework measures progress against National Outcomes, using a range of economic, social and environmental indicators.

The NPF has the potential to be a world leading approach to how we measure collective progress and, alongside the National Outcomes, has the potential to focus decision-making, policy and budgets on meeting challenges both in Scotland and globally. It is also the Government’s intended method of domestic implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The National Outcomes are due to be reviewed this year and, as such, SIDA has taken the opportunity to commission some research into how they could better measure Scotland’s global impact.

The report below has been written by John Davis and Graham Long of Newcastle University and explores the ways in which activity in Scotland affects sustainable development beyond its borders, and how these ‘spillovers’ might be measured in the NPF.

SIDA has produced a series of recommendations based on this research which we hope will be considered as part of the National Outcomes review.

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