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Facing The Crisis

Facing the Crisis, a digital exhibition, arose in the run-up to COP26 in Glasgow in November 2021. We thought the historic arrival of the UN climate negotiations to Glasgow was an opportunity to raise awareness in Scotland (and beyond) of how climate crises are affecting people across the world. We are particularly keen to raise awareness that climate change has the largest impact on those that have done least to cause it; often people in low-income countries, with the lowest carbon footprint. 

By showcasing images and films telling people’s stories – the challenges and resilience of those most affected by the climate crisis – we aim to show that action on climate is not just about saving nature and endangered animals throughout the world, but is also integral to tackling global poverty, reducing inequalities and ensuring prosperity for humans, everywhere. 

By highlighting this reality, we hope we can help build support for climate action that is rooted in climate justice. We also think the crosscutting nature of the climate crisis and the intersectional inequalities it emphasises underpins the very essence of why global sustainable development is important. 

About the project is a digital exhibition about the impacts of the climate crisis on people and communities across the world. The exhibition has been developed in collaboration with our members via our working group and with financial support from WaterAidSCIAFMercy Corps and Tearfund. It features winners and runners up from our 2020-21 photo competition as well as images provided from partners and our wider membership.

The work covers three main topic areas:

  1. Climate related challenges people and communities face
  2. Personal stories of how the climate crisis impacts lives
  3. How people and communities are responding to new and existing challenges

and includes experiences and work from around the world, with a particular focus on Africa, Asia, the Pacific and Latin America.

Each photo and film tells its own story, and gives you context for the many different ways communities are being affected by, and responding to, the ongoing crisis. As you journey through this exhibition, visitors will also be shown ways to learn more, advocate for climate justice, and take action on climate.

About the images

In 2021 we ran a photo and film competition with the theme of climate impacts on people around the world. The competition was an opportunity for international development practitioners, photographers, videographers and anyone else with a link to Scotland to showcase sustainable development projects across the world. We particularly welcomed entries from our members and their partners, but our competition was open to all with a link to Scotland.

An appointed panel selected winning entries based on how well they reflected the theme, their photographic/video quality (focus, composition, creativity, delivery) and whether they complied with ethical guidelines – showing human subjects in a positive light, speaking to gender sensitivity and being consensually and thoughtfully used.  For more information on ethical guidelines see our ethical imagery resource list.

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