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Our vision and values

Scotland’s International Development Alliance (SIDA) is the membership body in Scotland for everyone committed to creating a fairer world, free from poverty, injustice and environmental threats. Our membership brings together a diverse range of organisations and individuals including NGOs, businesses, academic institutions and public sector bodies that operate in over 100 countries.


A more globally aware Scotland working to reduce global inequalities through joined up action on poverty, injustice, climate and environmental threats. Find out more


Our mission is:

  • To help our members to build their capacity, improve their impact and strengthen their support base.
  • To represent our members and the people and communities they work with, to local, national and international decision-makers.
  • To engage people and organisations in Scotland with international development issues and encourage their informed support. 


Scotland’s International Development Alliance was formed in 2000 as the Network of International Development Organisations in Scotland (NIDOS). 

Since 2000, our membership has grown from a standing start to represent over 200 organisations across Scotland and beyond.

Our Values

Scotland’s International Development Alliance adheres to certain values, and we ask our members to do the same.

  • We uphold the absolute necessity for global sustainable development to be undertaken in genuine partnerships with the organisations and people in the communities we support through our work.
  • We value inclusion, transparency, ongoing learning and accountability to our partners at home and overseas and to our supporters and donors.
  • We value development whose benefits are accessible for all, irrespective of age, ability, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity.  
  • We believe that global sustainable development should be led by the expressed needs and aspirations of people and communities in the Global South and the potential to make lasting change, rather than by the preferences of donors or the requirement to show short term results.
  • We strive to ensure that those we work with are safe from abuse in any form, by aiming for the highest standards of safeguarding policy and practice.
  • We do not tolerate the incitement of hate against any person, group of individuals, sector of society or race.
  • We adhere to the principle of ‘do no harm’.
  • We endorse the UN Sustainable Development Goals and align our objectives to the international commitment to meet them, for vital transformational change in the world by 2030.

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