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Glasgow Climate Summit COP26 postponed

At the start of April, it was announced that a decision had been taken, jointly by the UNFCCC COP Bureau with the UK and Italy, to delay COP26. It said new dates for the conference would be decided in due course. There is no doubt that this decision was absolutely necessary due to the massive impacts of COVID-19, but the need for us to take action on the climate crisis remains as urgent as ever.

Nobody is in doubt that postponing the UN climate talks due to be held in Glasgow later this year was the right thing to do. Governments must prioritise the health, safety and jobs of their citizens as we navigate through these difficult months ahead.

At the same time, climate activists and experts across the world are right to assert that this pandemic should not result in diminished climate action by Governments, particularly in high emitting countries. Postponing the climate negotiations cannot mean postponing climate action.

In many ways, our collective response to this pandemic right now is a demonstration of the kind of action that is required to tackle the climate crisis too. It throws fresh light onto the need to work together and make drastic changes that are both necessary and possible. As IIED Director Andrew Norton recently pointed out, perhaps this pandemic will help society to come to terms with the huge behavioural and regulatory changes that are needed in the long term. Perhaps not.

Nonetheless, our collective commitment to climate action must not wane, and COVID-19 only highlights that we can come together to tackle global challenges.

Tom Ballantine, chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, said about the postponement:

“Despite this decision to postpone COP26, the need for us to take action on the climate crisis remains as urgent as ever. This pandemic brings into even sharper focus that global crises need global answers. We also need collaboration and cooperation between governments to save lives from the climate crisis, with action based on what the science demands.

When it happens, COP26 will be a critical opportunity to accelerate global climate action. It must secure faster action to slash climate emissions and to boost support to communities already being devastated by droughts, floods and storms, while ensuring the voices of those most impacted are fully heard.”

At the Alliance, we therefore remain committed to our COP26 Strategy, and even though timescales may have changed, we will continue to keep climate action high up the agenda. Get in touch if you want to get involved with our plans.

Get involved! Earth Day 2020

Don’t forget Earth Day 2020 is coming up on 22nd April. The theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate action. According to their website, the enormous challenge — but also the vast opportunities — of action on climate change have distinguished the issue as the most pressing topic for the 50th anniversary.

Check out their website to find out ways that you can get involved and demonstrate your commitment to climate action.

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