This page gives background to COP26, links to resources and outlines our plans and ways to get involved relating to this monumentually important global UN summit that comes to Glasgow in 2021.

What is COP26?

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, is the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference. It will be held in Glasgow, a year late due to COVID-19, under the presidency of the UK government. The conference will incorporate the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the 16th meeting of the parties for the Kyoto Protocol, and the third meeting of the parties for the Paris Agreement. It will be the most important climate negotiations since the Paris agreement in 2015.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, the leading civil society climate  coaltion in Scotland, has put together these useful COP26 FAQs. Check it out!

Why is COP26 important for international development?

Climate action and sustainable, global development are inextricably linked. Despite doing least to cause the climate crisis, it is the poorest communities around the world that are most vulnerable to the devastating impacts of changing weather patterns, floods, droughts and storms. The climate crisis impacts nearly every aspect of people’s lives. It also threatens to undo all the progress we’ve previously made on tackling global poverty.

It was at COP 21 in 2015 that the landmark Paris Agreement was reached, which commits countries to take action to ensure that global average temperature increases are kept “well below” 2C and to “pursue efforts” towards limiting global warming to 1.5C. However, current national pledges for action are wholly inadequate for meeting this goal, and the consequences will be cataclysmic – millions more people exposed to heatwaves, droughts and annihilation of natural resources upon which they rely – according to this landmark report.

Given the failures of COP25 in Madrid in 2019, COP 26 will be the most important COP since Paris. Indeed, this COP will be one of the first tests of the Paris Agreement, as it marks the 5-year point when countries must submit new and increased “Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)” which state their intended ratcheting up of domestic contributions to global efforts.

Why is COP26 relevant to the Alliance?

The arrival of COP26 to Glasgow provides us with an opportunity to amplify the voices of people and communities who are on the front line of the climate crises in different countries. These voices need heard to raise awareness in Scotland that climate change has the largest impact on those that have done least to cause it, often the most vulnerable and marginalised across the world.

We believe we have a unique role here in Scotland before, during and after COP26 to help to share their stories, highlight the challenges faced and celebrate new and existing responses to rapidly changing climates in order to build support for urgent climate action here in Scotland and overseas as part of a broader commitment to the UN SDGs.

Check out our COP26 Strategy

Our priorities for COP26

  1. More ambitious climate policy and action at Scottish, UK and international levels

  2. Increased awareness in Scotland of how climate crises are affecting the most vulnerable and marginalised in other countries, particularly the poorest countries.

  3. Increased awareness in Scotland of achievements relating to adaptation and resilience in other countries

  4. Increased support in Scotland for urgent climate action here and elsewhere

  5. A sustainable platform/narrative on climate justice and Scotland’s role as a sub-state actor to build on after COP26.  

 ​​​​What are we planning in relation to COP26?

To influence the above priorities, we are planning much of work and major events around COP26. As such, we are committing to the following activities:

1.      Regular planning meetings, working groups & online spaces to collaborate

Since December 2019, we have been holding regular planning meetings with our members to discuss how best to engage with COP26.  Read notes from our December meeting here, our January meeting here and our February 2020 meeting here. These meetings were designed to collaboratively shape our evolving COP26 strategy and aims laid out above. 

Smaller working groups were then launched to focus on specific areas of work including communications (messaging, social media and events planning), developing a climate charter, and exhibition planning. Alliance members can log in to the Alliance Community to join these working groups or get in touch to find out more details.

2.      Work with SCCS, Bond and other networks on policy asks

The Alliance is now a member of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, and will work with its International working group to ensure we co-develop and align our policy asks on climate going forward. We will also work with broader coalitions where appropriate, with the SDG Network Scotland and with Bond DEG. ​​​​

3.       Photo competition: The Climate Crisis from the Front Line

The 2020 competition (launched in March 2020) will now bridge 2020-2021 due to COVID-19. The competition invites anyone with a link to Scotland to submit entries under the broad theme ‘The Climate Crisis from the frontline’. Entries should aim to fulfil any or all of the following aims:

  • To share stories of those most impacted by the climate crisis in countries and regions of the world that have done least to cause it
  • To highlight the climate related challenges people and communities face in developing countries
  • To celebrate new and existing responses to the climate crisis in developing countries (mitigation, adaptation and resilience)

Winners will be announced and top entries will be displayed as part of a broader public exhibition on the climate crisis in spring 2021, and at our Annual Conference in September 2021 which will bring over 200 delegate together to focus on this important theme. Check out details here.

4.      Climate crisis themed Cross Party Group Meetings at Holyrood

To engage MSPs on why COP26 must be climate justice oriented, we will use our role as secretariat of the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group on International Development to develop an engaging agendas with members. Our policy committee will lead the the development of all agendas. Get in touch for more details.

5.      Annual Conference 2021: The Climate Crisis from the Front Line

Taking place in September 2021, this event will have the Climate Crisis as its overarching theme. Interactive breakout sessions will explore topics such as how to make climate action gender responsive, supporting just transitions, promoting climate justice through meaningful partnership, and ensuring that the voices of those most affected by climate change are heard.

Keep an eye on our website over the coming months as we announce more information, including our callout for session contributors.  

To find out more contact our Membership Services Manager, or to submit a breakout session proposal, fill in this form.

6.      Photo and film Exhibition: The Climate Crisis from the Front Line

We will hold a public photography and film exhibition entitled ‘The Climate Crisis from The Front Line’ in Glasgow in the run up to COP26 in Spring 2021 .  The aims of this exhibition will include:

  • raising awareness of climate justice (amplifying the voices of our member’s partners overseas) and climate action (the work our members and their partners do) to a broader audience in Scotland
  • providing a space and platform to showcase our member’s work
  • Using the curated content as the backdrop of any ‘Alliance Hub’ during COP itself.
  • Providing content that can be developed into other products (such as calendars and postcards) and/or be used in COP26 legacy work in 2022 (e.g. form part of a roadshow exhibition around Scotland)

To be involved, join the new working group on the Alliance Community

7.       Developing an Alliance ‘Climate Charter’ and a climate resilient international development and humanitarian sector in Scotland

This 2-year project is framed by the imperative to do international development differently and better. The overarching aim is to leave a powerful legacy in Scotland for our sector – helping to embed climate and environmental principles into organisational culture and project and programme design, symbolised by the creation of a climate charter that members work towards and sign up to after COP26. This climate charter and supporting work will be co-developed with members throughout the year and ultimately aim to help build a sector that is climate resilient, and aware of climate considerations in their project design, implementation and communications with partners. Get in touch for more details.

8.       Ensure a strong climate justice focus in the Scottish Government controlled areas during the COP

Our members have told us they  would like the Alliance to be present inside the Scottish Government’s ‘Engagement Space’ during COP26. We plan to showcase the work of our members in this space as much as possible to raise awareness of their work and crucially provide a way to amplify the voices of their partners on the front line of the climate crisis.


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