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Safeguarding: Tailored Support and Networks

Find safeguarding experts and connect with others working in the sector

Safeguarding Specialists

Scotland’s International Development Alliance (SIDA) offers safeguarding support and services to members through its Effectiveness and Learning programme of trainingSafeguarding Working Groupresources and mentoring support. However, there may be a need for tailored support in terms of training sessions/awareness raising sessions, developing a safeguarding policy or investigation guidance. 

The following are individuals with whom SIDA has been working, and who specialise in different areas of safeguarding. They have an understanding of the Scottish context, and small-medium organisations. They can be contacted directly to engage for consultancy, training or other services as may suit your organisation.

Ceris Jones

With over 15 years experience in the international development sector, Ceris is a freelance trainer & consultant. Direct work with the Alliance includes mentoring organisations, and assisting the development and training of safeguarding activities.

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Philippa Ramsden

An international development professional with a career spanning over 30 years in Scotland and overseas, Philippa has worked globally in education with a focus on inclusion, equity and policy. She has extensive experience in safeguarding, organisational learning and effectiveness. She has been an educator on the FCDO commissioned Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on Safeguarding in the international Development sector run by the Open University and from 2018 – 2022 she was SIDA’s lead on Safeguarding.

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Additional Technical and Specialised Services

Safeguarding Working Group for SIDA Members

SIDA’s Safeguarding Working Group was launched in September 2019 in our continuing commitment to transforming standards of safeguarding. This working group provides a space for members to share their experience of fostering safe organisations and building robust safeguarding policies, procedures and practice. The Safeguarding Working Group is open to Alliance members (individual and organisational).

The Safeguarding Working Group facilitates discussion and initiatives towards strengthening capacity and practice in safeguarding and embedding an organisational culture where safeguarding incidents are unacceptable and procedures for reporting incidents are clearly set out and understood across organisations. This takes into account the requirements for Scottish Government and other funder compliance, the regulatory environment in Scotland and the evolving UK and global context and the resources being developed. 

More information about its aims and how to get involved on the Working Group webpage.If you would like to know more, please contact (email

Networks & Collaborators

There are an increasing number of opportunities to connect and engage with others working in safeguarding in international development, to share skills and experiences as well as to collaborate to raise standards and push for positive change.

  • Bond: amongst all their safeguarding services, resources, & networking opportunities, Bond also has “an online space for members to share ideas, resources and good practice around safeguarding issues”
  • The Safeguarding Resource & Support Hub (RSH) “creates opportunities for meaningful engagement through online communities, discussion forums and live events.” This includes specific networks in Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Sudan.
  • Funder Safeguarding Collaborative: The FSC aims to bring people together “to promote collaboration, listening, and learning among funders and organizations to support and strengthen safeguarding practices”
  • Safeguarding Leads Network: this network gives opportunities for safeguarding professionals to link with each other.
  • The Malawi Scotland Partnership (MaSP) is the sister organisation of the Scotland Malawi Partnership (SMP)They are networks coordinating activities between Malawi and Scotland and have been involved in strengthening safeguarding. MaSP has been working with members on research, events  and training to address safeguarding needs in Malawi. Read more about this work here.

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