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Draft Discussion Paper: Scottish Government International Development Programming – a new way forward for global solidarity?

This short paper outlines the Alliance’s broad position on how the Scottish Government (SG) should design and implement its contribution to global solidarity, including but not limited to, direct financial support to partner countries through its International Development Fund (IDF) and Humanitarian Emergency Fund (HEF).

The paper is set out as a draft discussion paper and all views put forward can only be attributed to the Alliance. Any statement herein cannot be attributed to any particular Alliance member. However, the vision laid out is informed by views and insights from a range of Alliance members and external stakeholders gathered informally over the past year, including from a range of current/recent SG grant holders in the early part of 2022.

Positioning this draft discussion paper to stimulate input and idea creation, the Alliance now seeks the views of all its members, and crucially the views of their partners across the world, to inform the development of this discussion paper into a clear set of recommendations for the Scottish Government.

After each section, we outline consultation questions for stakeholders to consider. These questions are designed to support more focused feedback, and all questions can be found in this online form on our website.

The questions are not designed to limit the scope of feedback – you can also provide direct feedback on any issue this paper raises by emailing us at . We are seeking views until 1st of June 2022, after which we will finalise this paper and present it to the Scottish Government.

Share your thoughts using this simple online form!

We have outlined several practical and systemic changes that we believe are necessary to enhance Scotland’s role as a global citizen. Above all, we are clear that a new ‘Global Solidarity Strategy’ is vital for a more joined up approach to Scotland’s contribution to global sustainable development, humanitarian support, climate justice and more.

A new strategy of this kind would sit alongside, not below the new planned global affairs framework, and would support coordination between distinct policy portfolios (e.g. CJF), support better policy coherence, lay out mechanisms to ensure transparency and provide clear parameters on funding criteria.

This new strategy would build on work undertaken and progress already made through the international development review in 2021 but would also reflect more recent changes mentioned above. A full consultation should be carried out to inform this new strategy.

Here at the Alliance, we expect to publish our final recommendations and share these with the Scottish Government in June 2022.

We seek the views of all of our members and their partners to inform the final report.

Remember to provide your feedback here.

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