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We want to improve user experience across our digital platforms – could you help?

Since this time last year, the step change towards online and digital working has been impossible to ignore. As lockdown restrictions ease this summer in Scotland, it is clear many people will continue to work, learn and meet online.

As a result, many of us will continue to rely more heavily on digital tools than ever before. In this sense, COVID-19 has undoutbtedly changed things for good, so we want to ensure our digital services are fit for purpose.

For an international development networking organisation such as ours – with stakeholders, members and partners geographically scattered across Scotland and the world – the shift to online working is unquestionably positive in terms of participation. If handled well, it will allow closer collaboration and learning exchange between more people in more places. Our own events over the past year already show the potential, with participants joining our 2020 online annual conference from 19 different countries!

However, the shift to digital also brings its own set of well-known challenges, particularly when it comes to making sure digital content is as inclusive as possible.  We know that the ‘digital divide’ within and between countries is ever-present. We must think more than we have previously about the usability of different digital platforms, especially when it comes to low-bandwidth internet access.

In our recent 2017-2021 External Evaluation, it was highlighted that although our digital offering is extensive, our website can be clunky and we might need to re-think some aspects of how we present and organise the wealth of information we hold.

Furthermore, we need to think more about how our existing suite of digital tools and platforms could be used to facilitate peer learning and a sense of community more effectively. 

With all this in mind, we’ve decided to look harder at our digital offering. We want to consider ways to improve the user experience (UX) across our digital platforms, and we’re looking for somone to help us.

Call to tender for a UX Consultant

That’s why we wish to contract a UX consultant to look at our digital platforms with a fresh perspective. Could you fit the bill to help us do digital better?

Get in touch for more information and to register your interest.

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