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We stand in solidarity with all victims of war and conflict

The Alliance stands in solidarity with all those across the world who are facing the threat of war and living through the realities of conflict and occupation every day. As the situation in Ukraine continues to escalate, we reaffirm our stance that peace is the only path for stability, in Europe and across the globe. 

Frances Guy, CEO of the Alliance says:

“As the reality of war rolls out across Ukraine our thoughts are with all those suffering from the dire humanitarian consequences of conflict and occupation wherever that occurs in the world. 

There is no justification for war; the human suffering caused is incalculable, and the most vulnerable are always worst affected. As a result of conflict in Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Ethiopia and the Eastern Congo, the sustainable development goals will never be reached.  

Civilians in Ukraine are wondering now what the future holds. The only route to alleviate such pain is for those responsible to commit to peaceful solutions now.” 

Some of our members have also publicly stated their concerns for the dire situation in Ukraine.  

Craig Redmond, Senior Vice President of Programs at Mercy Corps, says:

“Currently, we project that an escalation of conflict along the existing front line could cause up to 100,000 displaced people. 

The situation is escalating by the hour. We are increasingly concerned that any large-scale military conflict will only worsen the already dire humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and severely test the capacity of humanitarian organizations to respond.” 

James Cowan, CEO of the Halo Trust, said:

“The HALO Trust is deeply concerned by the escalation of hostilities in Ukraine. Our thoughts are with our 430 local staff and their families at this difficult time. We would remind all parties to the conflict that HALO is a neutral, humanitarian organisation that removes the deadly debris of war to prevent suffering and protect civilians. We have been making communities safe in eastern Ukraine since 2016 and we will return to work wherever we are needed as soon as the situation allows.”

A heartfelt message from Disability Beyond Borders, a member of the Alliance who advocates for equality and dignity for people living with disabilities in Ukraine: 

“Tonight, my heart cries for Ukraine, for all my friends and colleagues I feel empty. However, Ukraine will prevail because the people are good and have big hearts it is a privilege to call you my friends, I regard Ukraine as my second home.” 

And as a reminder that children will be the innocent victims of this conflict as they are in all other conflicts round the globe, Irina Saghoyan, Save the Children’s Eastern Europe Director, said: 

“Ukraine’s children are caught in the crossfire of this adult war. It should never have come to this.”

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