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SNP paper: how an independent Scotland could approach aid spending

The SNP have launced a policy paper which, they say, summarises the impacts that the UK aid cuts have had and sets out their initial template of how an independent Scotland could create a more humane, progressive and fair international development strategy that prioritises being a good global citizen.

Aid Cuts One Year On: How A… by Chris Law

They say that an SNP-led Independent Scotland stands ready to play its full part in delivering aid to address the underlying political, social, economic and environmental drivers of conflict, ill-health and insecurity, especially in fragile states around the world. They also say that the policy paper reflects their manifesto commitment to adopt a Feminist Foreign Policy and puts decolonising aid front and centre. The SNP’s aspiration is for Scotland to be a dedicated member of the international community with an international development policy that reflects the changed world. That means having an aid programme that is reflective in scale and nature of that changed global threat picture. 

There is much to welcome in this report, particularly the commitments to a feminist approach and decolonisation. We look forward to further conversations with Mr Law and his team, to explore the detail on these commitments and to ensure that adequate resources would be in place to deliver them. If you have any feedback that you’d like us to pass on, please drop Louise a line at

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