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Scotland’s International Development Alliance joins Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and SCVO to host Communicating Climate workshop

Communicating the climate crisis – are we poles apart from where we need to be?

Scotland’s International Development Alliance are joining forces with Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS), and Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) to host an interactive virtual workshop for communications professionals.

Attendees will hear from Climate Outreach, a leading organisation focussing on public engagement, on how to effectively visualise and communicate the climate crisis. 

The Alliance, SCCS and SCVO bring together a wide range of organisations across the third sector in Scotland, many of whom are working to directly address the climate crisis and impact across Scotland and beyond. This workshop will provide a space for these networks to collaborate and learn together to ensure that Scotland’s role in the climate crisis is effectively communicated.

There is greater public understanding of the climate emergency than ever before – but we often struggle to communicate the breadth and depth of its impact on people both in Scotland and around the world, and its links to other social justice issues.

The images and messages we share are crucial to helping people fully understand the broad range of climate related issues. How can we ensure that the ones we choose are inclusive, impactful and engaging to different audiences?

Join this event to hear from Climate Visuals, a project of Climate Outreach, a leading climate communication charity, on how to broaden out from icebergs and polar bears to real people and stories, deepening understanding of the climate crisis through impactful communications.

The presentation will be delivered by Toby Smith, Climate Outreach’s Senior Programme Lead for Visuals and Media. Following the talk, there will be group discussions for participants to share experiences with others working in communications, explore the issues we are facing and discuss how to tackle these.

Collaboratively hosted by Scotland’s International Development Alliance, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and SCVO.

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