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Scotland’s humanitarian community calls for ceasefire in Gaza

Scotland’s International Development Alliance (SIDA) has today issued an open letter to Foreign Secretary, James Cleverley, calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

SIDA represents over 200 organisations working in global sustainable development and humanitarian assistance, with several members working in Gaza.

Chief executive of SIDA, Frances Guy said: “As humanitarian and development actors we are deeply concerned at the devastating loss of life and endless destruction of homes and vital infrastructure.  Some of our members are working to provide support where they can and others are ready to provide succour as soon as access is possible.  Beyond the horrors of the moment the psychological aftermath will require enduring support and understanding making it all the more tragic when teachers and artists providing relief to children are named amongst the dead in Gaza.”

The full text of the letter is below:

“Dear Minister

I am writing on behalf of Scotland’s International Development Alliance to urge the UK Government to call for an immediate ceasefire in the conflict in Gaza which is currently destroying thousands of innocent lives. 

As humanitarian agencies and civil society organisations, several of which are working in Gaza seeking to provide succour in times of utmost distress, we fully endorse the plea by the Principals of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee on 6 November calling for a halt to the conflict and stating clearly that enough is enough.  We condemn the actions of Hamas on 7 October and call for the immediate release of all hostages taken and held since then. The innocent lives of Palestinian children, women and men are, however, not a bargaining chip.   

The only way to bring peace to the region and provide urgent humanitarian relief to the people of Gaza is to halt hostilities.

Yours sincerely

Frances Guy

Chief Executive

Scotland’s International Development Alliance”

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