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Racial Equity Index – Global Mapping Survey

We are excited to announce that the Alliance has partnered with The Racial Equity Index as a survey sendout partner for The Global Mapping Survey – the first step
in the build of an index for racial equity for the global development sector.

The Racial Equity Index is a volunteer-led collective of Black Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC), who are building a coalition of change makers to create greater accountability for dismantling all forms of systemic racism in the global development sector.

The Racial Equity Index believes that individuals and institutions are products of the larger society and environment in which they exist, and also have the agency and responsibility to live up to the change we claim to want to see in the world. Across the global development sector, philanthropists and global development actors, organisations and institutions are rarely, if ever, expected to assess how they themselves are upholding and perpetuating racial inequity both internally and external to their institution.

In direct response to this gap in the field, The Racial Equity Index is producing an index and advocacy tools that will provide greater accountability for racial equity within and across the global development sector in order to dismantle structural racism and create a more equitable system and culture, with justice and dignity at its core.

This survey forms one of the first steps of the Racial Equity Index Working Group to create a definition of Racial Equity within the Global Development space. This work of collective building of the index means that we are seeking responses from those most impacted and affected by systemic racism within the sector.

Please join The Racial Equity Index and participate in and share the Global Mapping Survey today.

The Global Mapping Survey will remain open until 8 Jan 2021.

Let’s stand firm together in solidarity and work to create a transparent and accountable global development sector, which actively dismantles all forms of systemic racism.

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