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Lessons learned from partnerships with organisations of persons with disabilities :: CBM UK

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Written by CBM UK for the Alliance.

Register now for the Alliance and CBM UK hosted event on “Strengthening Global Partnerships” which includes a session on lessons learned from partnerships with Organisations of Persons with Disabilities.

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On 30th March 2022, 9.15-1.30 GMT, the Alliance in collaboration with CBM UK are hosting an in-person and virtual event on “Strengthening Global Partnerships”. During this event, CBM UK will be presenting the findings from CBM’s new report: “We have a key role now”: Lessons learned from partnerships with organisations of persons with disabilities”. This will be an opportunity to hear from one of CBM’s Disability Movement partners about effective approaches and challenges in building meaningful and authentic partnerships.

 “CBM builds the bridges, the connection, and the link. Opening the door, getting the communication going, coaching people on how to pitch things and how to be strategic. They influenced the change in perceptions – of looking at people with disabilities as equal partners. Through this process or changing perception process, partners take this on.” CBM advisory partner

At the heart of CBM’s work is partnership, working alongside Organisations of People with Disabilities (OPDs) to amplify their voices and achieve our shared goal of disability inclusion.

In 2021, CBM Global Federation wanted to hear directly from OPDs, enabling us to listen and learn from them. Crucially we wanted to understand and hear what partnership with CBM means to them and is really like from their perspective. The resulting report shares the outcomes of this listening exercise with 32 of our OPD partners in 14 countries.

CBM asked for feedback on our approach to partnership and have listened hard to the response!

Register for the event here

The report was launched at the recent Global Disability Summit alongside the 23 Commitments that signal the measures that CBM are taking to strengthen its partnerships with Organisations of People with Disabilities and engage with the disability movement. Read CBM’s commitments here. As part of acting on those commitments to improve our approach to partnership, we’re sharing our lessons learned in shifting power to locally-led development and building better partnerships.

At the event, you will hear directly from our partner National Union of Disability Organisations in Rwanda (NUDOR), about what we are doing well and also how we can improve our partnership approach in the future. We will share some of the specific commitments made by CBM in our aim to strengthen engagement and support for organisations led by people with disabilities themselves.

If you or your organisation are interested in learning what the disability movement partners have to say to international development organisations like CBM, how to work alongside them more effectively, or in shifting power in international development more broadly, registration for the event is open now.

·        Strengthening global partnerships: A networking event

·        Speakers including: NUDOR Rwanda & CBM UK, Corra Foundation, People’s Postcode Lottery and the Minister for Culture, Europe and International Development

·        Wednesday 30th March 2022, 9.15-1.30 GMT

·        British Sign Language interpretation and closed captions available

Register for the event here


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