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Scottish Government outlines new Inclusive Education and Development Programme

The Scottish Government have released a report supporting the development of an Inclusive Education Programme, which will operate in Scotland’s International Development partner countries: Malawi, Rwanda, and Zambia.

The programme aims to improve the access and quality of education for learners with disabilities and girls and young women, in line with the Scottish Government’s commitments to take a feminist and anti-racist approach. The Scottish Government commissioned a needs analysis of the partner country education systems, which identified the main challenges and opportunities for enhancing inclusive education. The programme was developed following a review of Scotland’s approach to international development in the wake of Covid-19, which highlighted the need for more inclusive and resilient education systems.

The Scottish Government is currently developing the business case for the programme, which will provide more details on the objectives, outcomes, activities, budget, and monitoring and evaluation framework. The programme is expected to start in late 2024 and run for five years.

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