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Human Rights Defender who visited Scotland arrested in Zambia

Laura Miti, Executive Director for the Alliance for Community Action visited Scotland’s International Development Alliance on 9th December on International Anti-corruption Day for a roundtable with members. Laura was visiting Scotland as a Zambian Human Rights Defender, for a semester long  fellowship hosted by the Scottish Government and the University of Dundee and supported by Front Line Defenders and Amnesty International.

Shockingly, Laura was arrested along with a colleague on 21st December 2019 during negotiations to release detained musician Pilato in Livingstone, Zambia. The trial for Laura Miti and Bornwell Mwewa is scheduled for 13 January 2020. Follow more on that story here.

Laura has been working with Zambian and South African civil society for more than 25 years, in various roles and initiatives to strengthen governance systems. She currently serves as Executive Director for the Alliance for Community Action (ACA), an organisation which works to mobilise demand for Public Resource Accountability amongst the Zambian public.

Before joining civil society, she worked for the Parliament of Zambia and was a popular columnist for the Post in Zambia (since shut down by the government) the Sunday Times also in Zambia and the Daily Dispatch in South Africa.

While at the Alliance, she talked to members about the importance of transparency to thwart corruption in international development contexts. Watch an interview with Laura about the importance of transparency recorded at our offices shortly after the meeting below or on our Youtube channel.

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