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Help shape our 2021 Scottish Election Policy Priorities

Scottish Parliament

It may seem far away, but the 2021 Scottish Election is just around the corner. As such, many Alliance members have begun thinking about what Scotland’s international development sector might look like under the next Scottish Government.

This work seems all the more important as people here in Scotland and around the world begin to think about how to build back after the impacts of the COVID-19. The pandemic has highlighted a simple truth that the health of everyone everywhere is only as strong as its weakest link and that we all have a repsonsibility dealing with shared global problems. 

As part of its role to convene our members and help build a collective voice on international development issues, the Alliance has been working with its policy committee over the course of spring to develop a new draft report: Scotland for a Fairer World: 2021-26 Policy Priorities.

The draft report sets out key policy priorities that many Alliance members’ wish to see the next Scottish Government take forward. Covering policy coherence, climate, global citizenship education, fair trade and funding, the recommendations throughout the report are inherently interlinked and build on one another.

In this way, it aims to put forward a vision to make Scotland a leader in sustainable development, through joining up and building upon existing activities and linking more coherently its external affairs and domestic agenda.

As part of the process leading to its publication in September, the Alliance is seeking views and feedback on the draft report from all its members.

We ask all members to check out the draft before using  this simple form to give your views.

Read the draft the report             Give us your feedback

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