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February Roundup of the Alliance Community

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Laura ffrench-Constant

The Alliance Community is an online forum for members to discuss, share and connect with other members.  

This month on the Alliance Community activity includes:  

  • Recent sign-ups from members including: Plan Vivo FoundationThe Halo TrustThe University of EdinburghThe Open University and On Call Africa. You can view the introductions thread to learn more about the new users and their favourite development fuzzwords! Have you introduced yourself to the network yet?  

  • A newly created space to convene conversations ahead of COP 26 in Glasgow, including threads to collaborate on a communications strategy, a photo and film exhibition, and to collect requests for capacity building around climate related themes. Did you attend our COP mobilisation meetings? Get involved! 

  • Discussion of how to navigate red tape as a very small SCIO and a call for examples of governances between two partners/example constitutions. Do you have any experiences to share? 

  • Updates from the Scottish Government including the Scottish Government budget announcement and the published review of the Humanitarian Emergency Fund (HEF) 

  • A question from a member about whether anyone has experience of working with Raspberry Pis in their projects? 

  • Updates from the Funding Working Group including a conversation about CAF’s new report about giving in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania 

  • Updates from the MEL Working Group, including discussion of the IIED’s new guide to evaluating the SDGs 


Open partnership and collaboration requests include: 

  • A request by members within the policy committee to work together on 2021 manifesto related campaign work. Are you interested in aligning the policy asks of different members and producing a short document/brochure covering various thematic asks? 

  • A request from the University of Edinburgh for expressions of interest in supervising students during their dissertations.  

  • A request from an NGO in Cameroon seeking a Scottish partner.  


Find out more about what members can use the Alliance Community for on the website. Join the Alliance Community today by signing up and creating your profile.  

Need help signing up?  Find out how to sign up and complete a series of simple tasks with our explainer and short video.  

If you have any questions about how to join the Community, or, if you are experiencing any issues posting to the Community, please get in touch with Laura via email. 

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