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Diverse coalition asks Nicola Sturgeon to build back better

The Alliance, along with 80 other civil society organisations from across different sectors of Scottish life have written to the First Minister calling for a radical response to the coronavirus recovery that builds a fairer society for all.

The coalition of groups who work across health and inequality, climate and environment, international development, food, and housing highlighted how the double crises of coronavirus and climate change are exposing and worsening deeply damaging inequalities within society, and call on the First Minister to ensure the recovery builds a fairer society for all.

The coronavirus response has included incredible displays of community solidarity, financial support to protect vulnerable people, and for many, a chance to evaluate what is really important in their lives. A return to pre-virus ‘business as usual’ is both unrealistic and unwanted. 

The signatories from charities, trade unions, and community groups set out 5 steps for the forthcoming recovery plan and economic stimulus that will enable the building of a fairer, greener, and more equal society. 

It calls on the Scottish Government to:

  • Provide essential public services for people, not profit.
  • Protect marginalised people and those on low incomes by redistributing wealth. 
  • Provide new funds to transform our society and economy to meet Scotland’s Fair Share of climate emissions cuts and greatly enhance biodiversity. 
  • Strengthen democracy and human rights during these crises. 
  • Offer solidarity across borders by proactively supporting an international response to Coronavirus and the climate emergency 

The group has also requested a meeting with the First Minister to discuss how we can realise a truly just and green recovery.

The decisions being made by the Scottish Government now will shape our lives for generations. It is up to all of us to send a message about the future we want and ensure a just, green recovery that leaves no one behind.

Read the letter here.

Why has the Alliance joined this coalition?

At the Alliance, we believe action to enhance to policy coherence for sustainable development will be a fundamental part of a green and just recovery. Our work on this has taught us that only by seeing our challenges and goals as interlinked is it possible to ensure our differing priorities do not undermine one another. We want to keep making the case that building back better in Scotland must not be decoupled from building back better elsewhere.

You can join the campaign for a Just and green recovery

The campaign for a just and green recovery was launched at the start of June and individuals can now show their support by signing this petition.

As an organisation, you can also become a signatory of this letter here. By working together we can increase our reach and impact, giving us a better chance of securing the recovery we collectively need.

As we rebuild from coronavirus, we have a chance to transform our society for the better.

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