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DFID Supply Partner Code of Conduct for Accountable Grants

The indicative date to launch the DFID Supply Partner Code of Conduct (the Code) for Accountable Grant Arrangements (AGAs) was originally outlined as November 2019. Launch of the code for AGAs was always subject to the successful completion of the pilot programme allowing ample time for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to experience the Code’s onboarding/Spot Check compliance process.

The pilot is key to informing the future content and application of the Code to AGAs.  Following discussion with stakeholders and assessing progress with the pilot, we have therefore extended the timeline to allow participants more time to complete the compliance process. The CSOs involved can then provide valuable feedback and help shape the Code’s roll-out to AGAs as intended. The extension should also allow new technology to be introduced to help streamline existing processes and enhance the compliance process experience for some pilot CSOs.

The revised pilot timeline will now be extended to quarter one of 2020.  We will set a revised date for the launch of the Code for AGAs based on progress with the pilot and after further discussion with stakeholders.

For any queries or clarification please contact the DFID Compliance & Risk team using the mailbox referencing the AGA Code of Conduct.

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