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Alliance Community Roundup December 2020

2020 was a year that expanded our digital work lexicon whilst most of us worked remotely. Teams, Zoom and Skype are now common verbs as well as online meeting providers. We used many different instant messaging services and online forums such as Slack, Glasscubes and Discourse to source advice and support from colleagues. Whilst online meetings involved Jamboards, Mural, Miro or the Zoom whiteboard instead of a physical flipchart.

Here at the Alliance we have an online forum called the Alliance Community designed to connect members with each other to share their experience and crowdsource solutions to challenges we all face. This year, nearly 100 new members signed up to our forum which saw nearly 400 different posts about everything from partnership requests to swapping experiences of holding remote Annual General Meetings (AGMs). We now convene over 140 different member organisations and nearly 300 individuals via our forum.  

Here is a summary of December’s activity, which included: 

  • Sign-ups from members Scottish African Women’s Network, Mercy Corps Europe, and various individual members.  View the introductions thread to learn more about our new community users and their favourite development fuzzwords!  
  • A request for questions and discussion topics for the upcoming MEL working group about adapative management on the 26 January 2021 
  • A discussion space for members who attended our round table on Pay, Power and Privilege on 4 December 2020 
  • A discussion space for members to continue discussions from our AGM and All Members Meeting on the 2 December 2020 about global public investment and shifting narratives 
  • A reminder that Alliance members can showcase their work on our Instagram channel, find out more about the types of projects we would like to help your platform  
  • A request to compare calculations and methodology to see how much of a £1 donation is spent directly on programmes 
  • A request to swap experiences about liability and travel insurance, as well as gift aid in relation to contributing to travel or accommodation costs 
  • A request for reviews of the Invisible Grantmakers resource, do you use it within your fundraising research? 
  • A request for members’ opinions of the database tool Lamplight, have you used it before? 

Open partnership and collaboration requests include:  

  • A partnership request from a Kenyan Youth organisation for a creative project on climate change 
  • A request to swap experiences of how students can support NGOs and any common obstacles 
  • A request to partner a Ugandan-based NGO working on a COVID-19 response project 
  • A request to partner an Ethiopian civil society organisation working on education 
  • An offer to demonstrate Amplio Talking Books 

Have you got a new year’s resolution related to your work or organisation that you would like to share with the network to give you a little extra motivation? Visit our thread swapping resolutions to share yours.  

Find out more about what members can use the Alliance Community for on the website and join the Alliance Community today by signing up and creating your profile. Need help signing up? Find out how to sign up and complete a series of simple tasks with our explainer and short video.   


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