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Alliance Community Roundup August

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Laura ffrench-Constant

As many of us continue to work from home, staying connected to the international development community in Scotland and knowing who you can ask for advice and support is more important than ever.  

Here at the Alliance we have a digital forum called the Alliance Community designed to connect members with each other to discuss, share, and crowdsource solutions to challenges we all face. Over 130 different member organisations and nearly 300 individuals are signed up to the forum.  

Here is a summary of August’s activity, which included: 

  • Sign-ups from members including Habitat for Humanity Great Britain and various individual members.  You can view the introductions thread to learn more about the new users and their favourite development fuzzwords! Have you introduced yourself to the network yet?    

  • An invitation to feed your views into the International Development Committee’s consultation on sexual exploitation and abuse in the aid sector which is seeking the opinions of aid works and those with experience of the aid sector 

  • Signposting the new Levelling the Field: Enabling Women and Girls to reach their full potential through sport funding window by Comic Relief, with funds provided by the Scottish Government. The deadline for applications is 14 September. Good luck! 

  • Highlighting a new funding opportunity for small charities to improve or build websites and digital products, with a new foundation providing grants of up to £2500 

  • Sharing resources about conducting remote field work during the pandemic. Have you recently found any new tools or used any methods that were particularly helpful which you want to recommend to members? 

  • Signposting an opportunity to share learning around COVID-19 resilience and adaptability which will turn the stories shared into podcasts and blogs 

  • A request to share what you want to learn about logframes to help shape a future training workshop 

  • Discussion from the Change Management workshop held on 26 August with Challenges Management 

  • Discussion space for participants at the Modern Slavery Roundtable held on the 30 July with the Slave-Free Alliance 

Open partnership and collaboration requests include:  

  • A request to partner a Ugandan-based NGO working on a COVID-19 response project 

  • An offer to provide information on contacts for procuring PPE 

  • An offer to provide members with intelligence services around political risk and economic intelligence 

  • A request for an NGO to partner with an academic organisation working on supply chain issues in Brazil.   

Find out more about what members can use the Alliance Community for on the website. Join the Alliance Community today by signing up and creating your profile. 

Need help signing up? Find out how to sign up and complete a series of simple tasks with our explainer and short video.   

If you have any questions about how to join the Community, or if you are experiencing any issues posting to the Community, please get in touch with Laura via email. 

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