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2020-21 Alliance photo and film competition OPEN FOR ENTRIES!

The Climate Crisis from the Front Line

The climate crisis affects everyone, but it is those who have done least to cause it that are almost always on the front line of its devastating impact. Recognising this fact is critical to eradicating poverty and achieving sustainable development across the world.

Human interest stories are vital for building support for a climate justice oriented response to the climate crisis. With the UN climate talks coming to Glasgow in 2021 (postponed due to COVID-19), we have a unique opportunity to raise awareness in Scotland of how the climate crisis is affecting people across the world, building support for more focused climate action where it is needed most.

Your entry to this year’s competition should be under this broad theme, and should aim to fulfil any or all of the following aims (sub-themes):

1. To share stories of those most impacted by the climate crisis in countries and regions of the world that have done least to cause it

3. To celebrate new and existing responses to the climate crisis in developing countries (mitigation, adaptation and resilience)

The Alliance photo and film competition is an opportunity for international development practitioners, photographers, videographers and anyone else with a link to Scotland to showcase sustainable development projects across the world.

An appointed panel will select winning entries based on how well they correspond to the above theme, their photographic/video quality (focus, composition, creativity, delivery) and whether they comply with ethical guidelines – show human subjects in a positive light, speak to gender sensitivity and be consensual.

For more information on ethical guidelines see Bond’s website.

Please note, given the current circumstances resulting from COVID-19, we will be accepting submissions back-dated as far as 2018, as long as the subject matter remains relevent to the theme today.

Winners will be announced and a selection of top entries will be displayed and screened at a public exhibition in spring 2021 in the run up to COP26. Details TBC.

Later in 2021, top entries will be displayed again at our Annual Conference in September 2021, which will bring over 200 delegates together to focus on this important theme. Top Entries will also be selected for our 2022 Calendar.

Find out and more and download an entry pack here.

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