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Effectiveness Toolkit

Title: Effectiveness Toolkit

Author: Scotland’s International Development Alliance in collaboration with Jen Curran and Graeme Reekie from The Lasting Difference consultancy.

Date: July 2021

Length: 31 pages

Resource type: PDF (writeable)

Details: The Effectiveness Toolkit has now been updated

The Alliance’s Effectiveness Toolkit is a valuable development tool that guides and supports organisations to review their work against a set of international development and organisational good practice principles

The Effectiveness Toolkit was originally produced by NIDOS in 2014 and has been updated in line with global developments and contextual changes. This updated edition was developed with the support of key stakeholders based on their experiences of using the Toolkit. Stakeholders told us they wanted a shorter, sharper, focused Toolkit, that would help organisations easily assess priority areas for action and plan for continuous improvement, with useful tips, resources and signposting. It aims to be as relevant, accessible and practical as possible, ensuring the long-term effectiveness of international development organisations in Scotland.

Organisational effectiveness will be increasingly important to ensure the sustainability of the critical work carried out by Scottish NGOs to ensure a fairer world, free from poverty, injustice and environmental threats.

The Toolkit is aimed at small to medium-sized non-profit organisations (NGOs) based in Scotland who are working in the field of international development. It is particularly suitable for board members and managers, but it will be useful for others, such as volunteers or project workers and is most useful when it involves key players from different parts of the organisation.

The toolkit was produced in collaboration with Jen Curran and Graeme Reekie from The Lasting Difference consultancy, consistent with principles from the Lasting Difference Toolkit, with guidance and practical experience drawn from working with members by Ceris Jones.

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