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Early life intervention for lifelong impact

Mellow Parenting envisions a world where every parent-child relationship can flourish and achieve the best possible outcomes for future generations. To achieve this, they train people through their parenting programmes. By working in partnership with organisations in the UK and internationally, Mellow Parenting are implementing their programmes worldwide.

Rachel Tainsh, International Programme Lead at Mellow Parenting, shared how they support parents in Turkey and Tajikistan.

“There are a number of SDGs relevant to the work we do. It’s really interesting to see parenting framed through a public health lens, with parenting interventions reducing child maltreatment.”

Rachel Tainsh

Spotlight on: Turkey

During the pandemic, Mellow Parenting started delivering an online programme called ‘Mellow Bumps’ in Turkey. According to Rachel, the main purpose of the programme was to reduce preventable deaths among newborns. After conducting research with a local partner organisation named Sunflower, it was found that the ‘Mellow Bumps’ programme was able to reach remote areas of Turkey that wouldn’t have previously had access to antenatal support. Online groups were able to support expectant mothers, which resulted in improved mental wellbeing.

“We don’t want to take our programmes and plonk them on people, that’s really not what we do. We work with our partners to think, ok, what’s going to work in your situation? It’s really important to build a good relationship with our partners and to understand where they’re coming from.”

Rachel Tainsh

Putting families first in Tajikistan

Rachel shared a story about how the programme has impacted one mother in Tajikistan. Her child was born with a disability, and she received very little support due to the associated shame and stigma. Mellow Parenting’s local partners were able to work with the mother and her little boy, preventing the baby from going into institutional care. Still dealing with negativity from her family, the mother undertook a 14-week group programme with Mellow Parenting, which provided her with the chance to share her story and feel listened to.

Rachel recently received a photograph of the son, who is now attending school. Without the early intervention facilitated by Mellow Parenting, the mother and son might not have reached this point together.

“Supporting families and children in the early years gives them the best start in life and this contributes to the global goals.”

Rachel Tainsh

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