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The Soko Fund

The Soko Fund provides financial support in the form of scholarships to students in higher education at the University of Malawi and the University of Livingstonia, in Northern Malawi. Each Soko Scholarship is set at a level that makes a substantial contribution (normally two thirds) to the cost of: tuition fees, university hostel fees, the purchase of books and other equipment. Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis, each award being based on both ability and need. Depending upon the students’ continued success, as confirmed by the institution in which they are studying, a Soko Scholarship is renewable up to a maximum of four years. Students are nominated by the universities through their hardship funds.

At present, the Soko Fund supports 10 students, 8 of whom are studying education and will qualify as teachers for the Malawian education system. The remaining students are studying Agriculture and Accountancy. The first two Soko Fund scholars graduated with their degrees in 2005. The Soko Fund is interested in supporting the development of Malawi, as well as the development of the individual students. With this view, we are keen to support the development of the education system by providing teachers who can contribute to the quality of the education. We are also keen to support subjects, such as business and agriculture, which might result in the increase of employment opportunities within Malawi, and make a contribution to improving the economic situation from within the community.

In addition to the focus on education, the Soko Fund is also interested in promoting the position of women within the society. The Fund provides financial assistance to enable women to gain access to higher education, where there are few opportunities for women to receive this level of education. The Soko Fund is administered from Scotland, where the funds are raised. The Fund has strong connections with both universities and has undertaken a visit to both institutions before establishing the scholarships. The Soko Fund’s main three objectives are: 1) To encourage the higher education of women 2) To support vocational education for the purposes of development 3) To enable women to contribute to the development of Malawi

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Areas of interest

  • Quality Education

Operational areas

  • Malawi

Registered charity number: SC035554


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