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Firefly International

Firefly International’s role is to give war-affected children a better life. We are called Firefly because we aim to be ‘a light in the dark’ for children affected by war. Firefly’s focus is on Bosnia, Gaza and Syrian refugees. We make long term commitments to our local partners to help them develop sustainable programmes. We offer equal access to all regardless of politics, gender, religion or ethnicity. We are non-political and non-religious. We reach over 3000 children each month.

Bosnia: Svitac (Firefly in local language) supports children and young people in Brčko overcome the ethnic divides still plaguing the region since the Balkan War. We work on inter-ethnic reconciliation, confronting prejudice and promoting cultural diversity. We teach the value of tolerance and mutual respect by providing a neutral space for the different ethnic groups (Bosniak, Serbs and Croats) who still live in a deeply divided community. Through art, music and community events Svitac gives opportunities otherwise unavailable to children and young people in Brcko to meet, play, learn, make art and make friends across the ethnic divides.

Firefly for Syrians teaches Syrian refugee children in places where there is no other early years education. Firefly trains and mentors teachers – plugging the gaps in lost education. Programmes address the educational needs of Syrian children and have a psychosocial aspect. Teachers offer normalisation of daily existence after traumatic experiences. They help prevent depression, and feelings of hopelessness and isolation. They work to re-establish effective learning for children who face the trauma of surviving the earthquake, when many of their friends and relatives did not. Firefly is embedding skills and raising teaching standards within refugee communities.

Firefly for Palestinians. We have been partners in a child trauma clinic in Gaza, treating children suffering the effects of witnessing scenes of injury and death. The work of is currently suspended because of the war. We plan to start re-engaging with children in Gaza as soon as the situation allows.

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Areas of interest

  • Good Health and Wellbeing
  • Quality Education

Operational areas

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Syria
  • Turkey

Registered charity number: SC028744


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