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Summer Session 3: ‘Digital inclusivity’ :: Scotland Malawi Partnership

16 August 2022, 10:00–11:00 AM
This is a past event. See our upcoming events

From Scotland Malawi Partnership:

Over the summer of 2022 we’re hosting a series of three informal digital events exploring key issues of relevance to our members. Following a vote in our members’ bulletin, we selected three topical questions to frame these sessions against.

All are welcome (in Scotland and Malawi) to join us for this third session:

  • ‘Digital inclusivity: is there equitable access to the new digital world?’
  • Date: Tuesday 16th August
  • Time: 11am (UK) / 12 Noon (Malawi)

We recognise that, since the start of the pandemic, much of what historically was done in-person is now done digitally on platforms like Zoom and Teams. This has a great many advantages but also some challenges, not least stemming from the fact that not everyone has access to the computers, power and connectivity required to take part. This is what we mean by ‘digital inclusivity’.

These 60-minute informal digital events don’t have named speakers, or even a formal agenda, but rather are an open space for members to come together and share their own views, experience and learning, and also to ask questions of other members.

So, if digital inclusivity is of interest to you, we really encourage you to come along and get involved in the discussion.

We encourage all those attending to think about the below questions which will likely come up in the conversation:

  • What has changed in your partnership in terms of ‘digital working’ since March 2020?
  • What have been the advantages of digital working in your partnership?
  • What have been the disadvantages of digital working in your partnership?
  • What are the blockers to digital participation in Malawi and Scotland and who is excluded?
  • Can you share an example of an approach you have taken, been involved in or have seen which you feel has helpfully built digital inclusivity?
  • Should we be endeavouring that digital cooperation will ultimately replace most Scotland-Malawi flights, as part of our fight against the climate crisis?
  • What more (in very tangible terms) can we do as individuals and a community to challenge support digital inclusivity?
  • How do gender and digital inclusion intersect?
  • How do we support both digital and gender equality?

You’re also able to ask your own questions of those attending: it’s very much a ‘watercooler chat’. So think about what really matters for you in this area.

We’re really keen to have a diverse range of voices and views, so please don’t be shy about inviting your partners to attend and take part in the discussion.

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