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Roadshow | Strathclyde – Stepping up to the SDGs

23 February 2024, 1:00–4:00 PM
University of Strathclyde,The Technology and Innovation Centre, George Street, Glasgow, UK
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Learn more about our inaugural roadshow we’re we deep dived into SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy. 

SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy. Sustainable and affordable energy are a fundamental necessity for life, health and economic growth. Yet approximately 759 million people still lack access to electricity. 

The Global Renewables Centre (GRC) provides a hub for facilitating knowledge exchange between stakeholders in international development partner countries and the Scottish Renewables Sector, offering networking, shared learning, and resources that enhance global citizenship and enables increased deployment of sustainable energy.  

Partners joined us from Zambia, Rwanda and Malawi to discuss their collaboration with the GRC. We’ll also hear case studies from UK based iNGOs.

Soustain Chigalu, Board President, Renewable Energy Industry Association of Malawi
Emmanuel Kaliwo, Board Member-Programmes and Partnership, Renewable Energy Industry Association of Malawi

Chikuku Katebe, Programme Coordinator, Zambian Renewable Energy Association
Hamza Husen, Member, Zambian Renewable Energy Association

Serge Wilson MUHIZ, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Private Developers Association 
Allen Munganyinka, Head Of Energy Female Inclusion Sub-sector, Energy Private Developers Association 

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