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IATI Publishing Starter training

30 March 2021, 3:55 PM
Online and Location TBC
This is a past event. See our upcoming events

Trainer: Data4Development

This interactive workshop series gave an overview of the practical tools available to get organisations started with sharing a project’s results and financial data via IATI. Publishing to IATI means sharing your activities with the wider sector, the press and the public. This wealth of data is used by researchers looking for collaborators, large iNGOs looking for new downstream partners and donors looking for trends in development cooperation spending. Publishing your data to IATI improves the accountability of your project but it can also help you gain future funds when IATI publishing crops up as a question at due diligence stage with a new donor.

What the session covered

  1. Understanding the goal of IATI and what you can use IATI for;
  2. Understanding the main concepts of an IATI publication;
  3. Understanding the various tools available for realising your IATI publication;
  4. Knowing what is involved to move your organisation forward with IATI after the training

Further reading and resources:

  1. We have an IATI reading list which will take you from beginner to pro, covering where to find FCDO guidance and also advice on publishing COVID-19 related projects
  2. We have compared different options for IATI publishing tools and processes, highlighting useful options for small and large organisations alike
  3. Want to spread the word? IATI have a speakers kit that is available to download so you can present to your colleagues and peers about the value of publishing to IATI
  4. Want take your transparency to the next level? Take the Transparency Review (downloads as an Excel doc) we codeveloped with Bond to find out where you can improve your wider practice

You can also browse many of our members’ IATI profiles on d-portal, including: ActionAid, British Red Cross, CBM UK, Christian Aid, Christian Engineers in Development, Disasters Emergencies Committee, EMMS International, Feed the Minds, IOD PARC, Islamic Relief, Link Community Development International, LTS International, Mary’s Meals, Mercy Corps, Opportunity International, Oxfam Scotland, Save the Children, SCIAF, Sense Scotland, Tearfund, The HALO Trust, The Open University, UNICEF, VSO International, WasteAid, Water Witness International, and WaterAid.

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