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Alliance AGM and All Members Meeting 2020: A Brighter, Fairer Future

2 December 2020, 11:30 AM
Online and Location TBC
This is a past event. See our upcoming events

In December 2020, members of Scotland’s International Development Alliance were invited to join us for our first fully-online Annual General Meeting (AGM) and All Members Meeting under the theme of ‘A Brighter, Fairer Future’, featuring a panel on the topic, presentations on our current policy priorities, and the first public launch of Jonathan Glennie’s new book The Future Of Aid.

AGM and election of new board members

The day began with our Annual General Meeting, attended by representatives from 58 of our member organisations. The session started with a welcome from Scotland’s International Development Alliance Chair, Simon Anderson, followed by the approval of the minutes of our 2019 AGM, our Trustees Report presented by the Chair, and our Teasurer’s report presented by Mark O’Donnell. Members approved the Annual Accounts, the proposed fee structure for annual membership fees for 2021-22, and the appointment of Community Accountancy Scotland as an independent examiner.

Member organisations then voted on candidates to fill the vacant two seats on the board, and elected

  • Yukara Weekes (CBM)
  • Jon Novakovic (Mercy Corps)

After a break for lunch, the Alliance board’s vice chair Geraldine Hill welcomed members and members’ partners to the afternoon All Members Meeting. The meeting was attended by 123 people.

Shifting the power: Perspectives on Development Assistance

Chaired by Geraldine Hill, the first session of the afternoon featured guest speakers from overseas partners and colleagues of Alliance members, speaking on ways to rebalance the power in the development sector to create a more equal footing. The panel featured:

Click here to watch a recording of the panel discussion.

Policy and Advocacy at the Alliance

The following session was facilitated by the co-chair of the Alliance Policy Committee, Cathy Ratcliff of Thrive Scotland, who introduced the work of the Policy and Advocacy Committee before handing over to the Alliance’s Head of Policy and Deputy CEO, Lewis Ryder-Jones, who laid out the policy priorities collated by the Alliance (see the full report here for details) and the ongoing work to build a progressive, global Scottish international development sector.

Click here to watch the recording of this session

From Foreign Aid to Global Public Investment: A Paradigm Shift?

Our keynote presentation was given by special guest speaker Jonathan Glennie, who presented the the ideas which form the basis of his new book, The Future of Aid. This keynote was the first formal launch of the book. The keynote explored ideas of Global Public Investment, rebalancing the power dynamics in international financing, and the changing face of the sector.

Click here to watch the recording of Jonathan Glennie’s keynote speech

Thank you to all who attended our 2020 AGM!

Throughout the afternoon, we were live-tweeting the sessions, so for a quick summary of the sessions, check out our tweets from the day. View and download the day’s slides below.

If you missed it, you can still join in the AGM Conversation! Share your thoughts with us on Twitter by tweeting at @intdevalliance. You can also join the discussion over at the Alliance Community.

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