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University of St Andrews Student Consultancy Projects

The School of Management at the University of St Andrews are looking for SIDA members interested in participating in a strategic management exercise for their fourth-year students. The exercise anticipates teams of students providing strategic management recommendations to participating members following a review of e.g. fundraising strategies, media and communications strategies, project management processes, accountability systems etc. As the module is still being developed, there would be opportunities for participating members to co-construct the focus of the students’ work.

At a minimum, time commitments from members would involve the collation and provision of key documents and one briefing for the students. Organisations should benefit from the students’ insight. The School is particularly interested in Alliance members who are NGOs with over five staff members FTE.

The contact point for this work is Brendan Whitty,

[Please email Brendan by the 9th August 2023 in the event that you are interested or have any queries.]

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