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The Impacts of COVID-19 for our members and their partners

In Scotland, the international development sector probably knows this better than most. That’s why, throughout April 2020, the Alliance undertook extensive data gathering on how the global pandemic is affecting our members, their partners and the communities they work with in different countries across the world.

Our research, carried out through online surveys, a webinar and interviews, shows that the threat of humanitarian tragedy of catastrophic proportions looms in the global south, where public health services and government financial support for individuals and businesses are not comparable to those in much wealthier societies. 

It also reveals that the loss of charitable funding has hit the sector hard and could have serious implications for the work of almost all our members and threatens the very future of some.

Jane Salmonson, Alliance CEO said:

“Our research shows that there are general expectations of a deepening of poverty and some mention the likelihood of increased starvation in their programme countries.

“So we must act fast and work together on preventive and mitigating actions while this brief window exists, before the pandemic takes hold in the global south.

”It is the time for Scotland’s role as a good global citizen to be put to the greatest test of this generation.”

Going forward, the Alliance commits to carrying out more research in the coming months and working with all key stakeholders in Scotland to maximise our collective strengths to respond to the needs of our partners in the global south.

Read the Report here

Don’t miss your chance to shape the agenda for our upcoming digital summit: Global Development beyond Covid-19

On 24 September 2020, the Alliance is organising a digital summit on the extensive and far-reaching impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic (both in Scotland and overseas). The event will include short presentations and training sessions/seminars on topics of relevance, aimed at helping you to get through this difficult time and unite us as a sector dedicated to global sustainable development.

In order to ensure that the content is relevant to you, please tell us what specific issues or topics you would like to see covered by completing this short survey (estimated completion time: 3 mins).

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