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Global Development and The Budget 2021

Following the announcement of the 2021 budget by Chancellor Rishi Sunak this afternoon, concerns remain regarding the speed at which the UK government plans to return to the 0.7% of GNI spent on UK aid, with a target of 2024 being suggested. Whilst The Alliance welcomes any progress to increase spending on global aid, this decision to delay the return to 0.7% illustrates a lack of awareness of the crucial issues facing the global community right now, and does not take into consideration the widespread concern within the British public for those most at risk due to the climate crisis, as is evidenced by the high levels of engagement and public activism surrounding COP26.

Stephanie Draper, CEO of Bond, said:

“Despite the Chancellor’s commitment to getting back to 0.7% of GNI spent on UK aid in 2024, what matters is what the Treasury is doing to ensure the UK shows up in the world right now. It now looks certain that the Treasury will use accountancy trickery to make the aid budget pay for re-channelling Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), excess vaccine doses and debt relief, so the government is once again balancing the books on the backs of the poorest and jeopardising trust in the UK around the world. There will be even less funding for humanitarian and development programmes and potentially a third round of cuts to life-saving work.”

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