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FCDO call for evidence – your views needed

The FCDO have opened a call for evidence to inform a white paper on international development which they intend to publish by the end of the year. SIDA will be responding to this call, but we’d like to hear from members to ensure we are representing your views.

Our response will be drawn from initial findings of the focus group discussions that we’re holding as part of our research into a transformative approach to global affairs. We’ll also incorporate recommendations made in our previous reports. However, we are very keen to hear what your priorities are, and if you have any thoughts in response to the questions below? The call for evidence deadline is 16th September, so please get in touch with any views by early September. If your organisation is planning to respond please let us know and we will do our best to incorporate your key points. Contact us with any ideas for the response, big or small, using the form below or by emailing

We will endevaour to share our response w/c 11th September so members can use the contents to submit their own if they wish.

Call to evidence questions


  • How do partnerships need to change to restore the credibility of international development and the multilateral system and regain the trust of Global South?
  • What role should the UK play in this and what specifically should we do differently?
  • What should we do to ensure we are listening better to those most in need?

Big Ideas and Innovations

  • What are the specific innovative proposals that can accelerate progress in international development?
  • What initiatives, policies, partnerships, or technologies could result in accelerated progress?
  • Are there big ideas on which the UK is particularly well placed to play a role?
  • What new ideas for development cooperation would make the biggest impact in, or for, low income countries?
  • What are the best ideas to accelerate progress for middle income countries which still have large numbers of poor people?

ODA and ‘beyond aid’

  • How can Official Development Assistance (ODA) be most effectively targeted and built upon?
  • How can non-ODA financing be mobilised to ensure ambitious, innovative, and transformational international development?
  • How should scientific and technological expertise, private finance and the private sector, trade and investment, civil society networks and diplomacy be engaged to support global development action and accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

Climate and development

  • How can progress on tackling ending poverty, economic growth, and the challenges of climate change be best brought together, in the context of Agenda 2030 (including building resilience, adaptation, and sustainable growth)?
  • How can the opportunities be maximised? How can the limits and trade-offs be managed?

Multilateral and bilateral action

  • What are the top priorities for strengthening multilateral effectiveness in international development?
  • What are the issues and challenges most suited to bilateral cooperation (considering all levers)?

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