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COVID-19 makes Global, Sustainable Development more important than ever

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A member blog post by

Lewis Ryder-Jones, Deputy Chief Executive

Scotland's International Development Alliance

As the Coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe, the sheer scale of the unfolding crisis is becoming increasingly clear. Staggering global inequality is only likely to grow, but the most marginalised and vulnerable across the world will be impacted at new levels not yet fully understood. Our sector therefore has a responsibility more than ever before to remind the world about those that are left behind.

To date, the pandemic has most severely hit high-income countries, and most governments where the virus has hit hardest have rightly focused on what is needed to slow down the outbreak and its devastating impacts within their own borders. But the scale of this crisis is truly global, and as many commentators have pointed out in recent weeks, our response must also be global to ensure this crisis can be managed. There is no time for ‘us and them’; we are safe, only if others are also safe.

For the most marginalised and vulnerable across the globe, it is almost unfathomable to think how much impact this crisis could have. As we witness healthcare systems reaching breaking point in high-income countries that have health spending more than 70 times greater per person than in low-income countries, we might start to imagine how unable to cope low-income countries like Malawi will be in the coming weeks and months.

It is therefore more important than ever before for wealthy governments across the world to do their part to protect and assist low income countries by scaling up public health programmes, supporting multilateral responses and helping free up financial resources through debt relief. At the start of April, more than 200 UK Parliamentarians wrote to the Prime Minister urging just that.

But in the medium and long-term, this global pandemic is not only likely to cause a global recession on an unprecedented scale, but also threatens to exacerbate many of the problems the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seek to solve, reversing decades of progress in the fight against poverty and reducing global commitments to climate action at time when the climate crisis demands the opposite.

So it is imperative that we keep our long term vision for a sustainable, prosperous future for all; and as a sector of committed internationalists, we must fight against narratives which seek to protect and isolate our country from the global community.

Ultimately, our collective response must continue to focus on the most marginalised across the world, doubling down on our efforts to support those in need, and helping others to see why it is so important. In this sense, COVID-19 must be seen as an accelerator for dealing with the many issues we all care so strongly about.

How is COVID-19 affecting your organisation and your partners?

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