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Action for Humanity in Gaza

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Action for Humanity

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The team at Action for Humanity provide SIDA with an update of their work, alongside some photographs showing the relief efforts and construction work necessary to provide support to Palestinians.

Since the escalation of violence in the region, Action For Humanity has been actively engaged in providing emergency relief, such as hot food, water, hygiene kits, medical aid and sanitation services, to over 150,000 people in Gaza.

Action for Humanity : Gaza 2024

Our dedicated team on the ground has worked tirelessly, delivering shipments carrying over 200 tons of aid, constructing three camps in Rafah, housing over 1200 people, providing emergency toilets and shower facilities, as well as facilitating psychosocial support to children experiencing severe trauma from recent events.

Action for Humanity : delivering wash facilities in Rafah
Action for Humanity : setting up New Hope Camp in Rafah
Action for Humanity : New Hope Camp in Gaza

Your contributions and support play a pivotal role in sustaining our work and ensuring essential emergency aid reaches those who need it most. 

You can find out more about the critical work being done by Action for Humanity in Gaza through their Palestine Emergency appeal here.

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