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44 groups lodge protest over ‘disastrous’ Peterhead gas power station plan

We’re joining over 40 groups in telling the Scottish Government to reject new climate-wrecking fossil gas burning at Peterhead.

A coalition of campaigners is formally protesting to ministers about a new gas-burning power station in Scotland, which is set to operate beyond the legally mandated target of achieving net-zero emissions by 2045.

Frances Guy, Chief Executive of Scotland’s International Development Alliance said:

“As our recent report ‘From talk to transformation’ outlines, a just world is only possible by interrogating our past and acknowledging historic and ongoing injustices. Scotland, with its industrial history, has a responsibility to address its climate debt and to ensure current policy does no further harm. Global injustices will continue to grow until Scotland fundamentally reduces its carbon emissions. We urge the Scottish Government to consider the global impact of its domestic decision-making, such as the new proposal at Peterhead. At a time when those with the biggest climate debt should be doing the most to reduce carbon emissions, a new gas burning power station will disastrously contribute to the impacts felt by climate-vulnerable countries around the world.”

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