Meet the Safer for All Package

Meet the Safer for All Package

Foreword by Ben Macpherson MSP, Minister for Public Finance and Migration (Minister for Europe, Migration and International Development, June 2018 - February 2020)


Safeguarding is an issue which is of paramount importance to all organisations involved inproviding support and help to the most vulnerable members of our communities. That is the case whether that support is in Scotland or directed overseas.   
If we are committed to human rights, the UN Global Goals, empowering those with whom we work, and leaving no-one behind, then we must ensure we build a culture where safeguarding sits at the heart of what we do.  Without that commitment, vulnerable individuals, those who most need help, are at risk of abuse and exploitation. We are absolutely clear that the welfare of beneficiaries must always be the priority for the Scottish Government and our partners.   
Both the international development and humanitarian aid sectors involve working with particularly vulnerable groups of people. The distressing reports from earlier this year of serious misconduct and abuse in the aid sector shone an uncomfortable and yet very necessary public spotlight on the sector. There was – and remains - a very real risk of loss of public faith in the sector, which ultimately would harm the most vulnerable in fragile countries. That media and regulatory spotlight has however helped galvanise a period of action in the sector.  
On the part of the Scottish Government, this has included publication of our Safeguarding Policy Statement, changes to our grant conditions and a commitment to support the sector to change. 
I have been heartened too by the commitment shown across the sector in Scotland, to work together to effect cultural change and improve safeguarding.  We have worked closely with the Alliance and OSCR, in particular funding the Alliance to develop this Safeguarding Support Package, and I am grateful to everyone who has been involved in its development.  Scotland’s First Minister attended the Alliance’s Annual Conference in September at which the pilot was launched. I am proud to now see the Safeguarding Support Package completed; equally, however, I know that this Support Package will almost certainly continue to be a work in progress, adapting further over the coming years as necessary. 
Moreover, our work together on safeguarding will continue to develop over the coming years, and this is the correct approach.  We recognise that changing social attitudes, shifting social consciousness, takes time - in all countries – but human rights are universal and inalienable. I am therefore determined to collaboratively build a culture in and from Scotland, where we all take responsibility to protect all those whom we are committed to serve, I am committed to working with all of you to ensure that this happens. 
Our safeguarding efforts and commitment to protect vulnerable people will continue to form an integral part of our international development work in the years ahead.  My ask of you is that you continue to support us in this commitment to improve and effect culture change. And my commitment to you is that we will continue to collaborate in doing so – with DFID, OSCR, the Alliance and with the wider international development sector, in Scotland and in our partner countries.  

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