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Skills Sharing in Malawi

5 March 2020, 5:00–7:30 PM
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Dom and Kate Webb, founders of Orbis Expeditions, are holding an evening event to discuss their skill sharing collaborations in Malawi. It is a chance to learn more about their work with businesses and communities in Malawi and to see how your company can get involved. The evening will be a mix of presentations, networking and Q and A.

Orbis Expeditions is passionate about supporting local economic development in Malawi. A sustainable way of doing this is by investing time and skills in inspirational entrepreneurs and their companies. With over 12 years experience in Malawi Orbis Expeditions is looking to link with businesses in Scotland and wants your feedback in how you would like to get involved in their work and their skill sharing expeditions.

Further Information- Orbis Skills.

Orbis Skills expeditions offer amazing personal and professional development opportunities for employees, whilst contributing simultaneously to sustainable business development in Malawi, one of the world’s poorest countries.

Social impact and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are hot topics at the moment. With the SDG global targets set for 2030, business is gearing up for the ‘Decade of Delivery’, working alongside all other sectors to ensure that together we end poverty and inequality at home and overseas.

This means the concept of ‘corporate social responsibility’ is changing, and many employers are starting to move on from the traditional model of simply supporting or sponsoring charities. Forward-thinking business leaders are realising that making a social contribution and supporting delivery of the SDGs can be fully integrated into ethical business management, and offers huge opportunities for the longer-term health of their own organisations, through improved employee development, innovative networks, and previously untapped markets.

Orbis Skills Expeditions provide just that: opportunities for real sharing, learning and development on both the UK and Malawian sides, meaning genuine social value and sustainable business growth for all parties.

Event Location

The event will be held at Montgomery Street Lane, Scotland’s newest social business and enterprise hub, and home to change-making organisations such as Challenges Group, Firstport and Volunteering Matters and a series of SMES and start-ups.

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