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Putting innovation into practice

19 January 2021, 9:00 AM
Online and Location TBC
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19th and 22nd January 2021

Topics: innovation, business models, organisational development, organisational management, COVID-19

Trainer: Ian Gray, Gray Dot Catalyst

What the course covered:

1. Understanding what different stakeholders especially donors mean by innovation within the international development & humanitarian sector

2. Identifying good practice in innovation across the sector

3. Solving common challenges that we encounter when working on innovation

4. Being aware of business model innovation and tools that enable experimentation around organisational models

5. Communicating innovation to key stakeholders and donors

This interactive workshop introduced attendees to the practical tools and confidence we need to think strategically about innovation and to put your innovative ideas in practice. The session presented a range of good practice examples and created a space for dialogue and peer learning between members about how COVID-19 might speed up the process of disruption and innovation.

About the trainer:

Ian Gray is Founder and Director of Gray Dot Catalyst which works with businesses, third sector organisations and donors, advising them on strategy, innovation and partnering. Recent clients include the DFID, UNHCR, BOND, War Child and NESTA. Ian has 20 years’ experience in the sector working in both large and small NGOs. He is Chair of the Board of Trustees for the charity Toybox and is a Non-Exec Director of the Partnership Brokers Association.

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