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Fairtrade Farmers and the Climate Crisis – Stand With Us

17 May 2022, 5:00–6:00 PM
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Mary Kinyua is Chair of Board of Fairtrade Africa; she is Director of Human Resources at Oserian Development Company (one of the world’s largest ethical and Fairtrade flower farms); and she was Fairtrade’s Head of Delegation at COP26.

Scottish Fair Trade Forum are delighted to have Mary Kinyua deliver Scotland’s Fair Trade Nation Lecture this year, where we’ll hear:

  • An introduction to Mary’s background as a Fairtrade flower farmer, and her involvement with Fairtrade Africa, and of course her role as Head of Fairtrade’s Delegation at COP26
  • How the climate crisis is impacting Fairtrade farmers, in particular flower farmers and how they are dealing with climate change, with the support of Fairtrade
  • What Fairtrade farmers were asking for at COP26, what was delivered and her own reflection on this
  • What the next steps are of Fairtrade farmers dealing with the climate crisis

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