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CPG on International development: a positive, lasting impact through local involvement

17 March 2020, 6:00–7:30 PM
Online and Location TBC
This is a past event. See our upcoming events

Scotland is undoubtedly playing a part in tackling global challenges through the diverse work of its international development sector. However, despite countless initiatives and projects, many communities remain among the poorest in the world.

There is no doubt that structural issues at local, national and global levels can be significant barriers to fighting poverty, injustice and inequality; but can development projects themselves sometimes also lack longevity and inhibit transformative change through the exclusion of local voices?

Join the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group on International Development to explore how we can ensure positive, sustainable impact through empowering local communities and building capacity to take ownership of development projects.

At this meeting we’ll be joined by Professor Simon Guild, Head of Life Sciences at the University of Glasgow, who will talk about the importance of understanding local needs in capacity building and about the assumptions we often have about what developing nations need vs. what developing nations actually need.

We will also be joined by Sofiat Olaosebikan, founder of PWSAfrica at the University of Glasgow. She will share details of why her initiative to train young Africans to become computer programmers has been a success due to her understanding of cultural sensitivities in Nigeria and Rwanda and through involvement and buy-in of local communities.

There will be an opportunity for MSPs and guests to discuss the future of development work and how we can ensure the sector acts alongside local communities to build capacity, resilience and empower local individuals.

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