Entering the ‘decade of delivery’: some new year reflections

Entering the ‘decade of delivery’: some new year reflections

No two ways about it, 2019 was a record-breaking year for the Alliance... 

It ended with membership at an all-time high (208), and more people having attended our events and used our resources than ever before.

Our 2019 Annual Conference was our biggest and best yet and our online safeguarding resources have been viewed by more than 1300 people. Our burgeoning online Alliance Community also now has over 200 users from over 100 organisations, we launched our open source Wiki on Policy Coherence, and much more…

It seems only fitting then that the year was capped off with an energising AGM in December where Alliance members and special guests came together to reflect on what it means to enter the ‘decade of delivery’ for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

At the start of a new decade, it is common place to stop and think about the previous 10 years. Some of us reminisce about all that’s changed, others worry about all that’s not. But one thing is for sure - we generally all feel it went pretty fast!   

This means that for those of us who want to see the SDGs achieved, time is running out, and fast. The most challenging and aspirational SDG targets relevant to our sector, such as eradicating poverty, grappling with the climate crisis or ensuring all children receive free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education, expire in 2030. Although progress has been made, we are still way off track to achieve many of them within the next 10 years.

At the Alliance we think this should be cause for concern, but also inspire us to do more. That’s why we used this last major event of 2019 to launch our new report ‘Working towards the Global Goals’, providing detailed insight into our members’ contributions to sustainable development across the world.

This new report demonstrates a far reaching and impactful international development sector in Scotland. It reveals that over 120 organisations have projects in over 100 countries and contribute to all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We think this is something to be proud of.

Looking ahead to 2020…

It seems the coming year will be busier than the last... Our upcoming events calendar is jam packed with new training events, online courses, (new and existing) working group meetings and much more.

Beyond all this, 2020 will also see the UN Climate Talks come to Glasgow, presenting us all with huge opportunities to make the voices of those we work with, and on behalf of, come to the fore at this crucial time in the climate crisis.

As such, we aim to make the climate crisis central to much of what we do this year, and climate will be the broad theme for our 2020 Annual conference taking place on 24th September in Edinburgh.

Finally, 2020 will also mark the beginning our new strategic plan period, where we hope to build on all the successes of the last 3 years. We have consulted widely with our members on this and will publishing it the coming months. Watch this space!